Cold Heading Quality Wire & Rod (CHQ)

Tri Star Metals has rapidly expanded its presence with the cold heading community.  We offer unfinished HRAP wire rod, sized rod, and both standard and seam free CHQ AIP/AFS wire.  We carry an extensive finished wire and rod inventory in a full array of stainless steel and nickel alloys.   We can provide both a domestic/DFARS product when needed but also offer import product when price is the primary driver.  We can produce our wire with a wide variety of coatings including precoat/wax/soaps/copper/moly, or a combination of coatings.  Tri Star offers flexible and responsive manufacturing lead times and has a highly experienced staff with four full-time metallurgists backed by a fully equipped metallurgical lab to offer technical support.


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Standard Packaging

  • Individually paper wrapped coils
  • Identifying tag on all coils
  • Start end of coils marked for easy identification
  • Solid wood spacers in-between all coils
  • Plastic sleeves on carriers to protect material

Common Grades*

302 HQ 304/304L
305 316/316L
410 321/347
420 430
17-4PH A286
I718 I600
M400 K500


  • All grades can be supplied as AIP, AFS or HRAP rod
  • Size range from .030″ thru 1″
  • Domestic or DFARS compliant material
  • Metallurgists on staff to provide any technical assistance you may need

 *Other grades available upon request.


Tri-Coat Copper™ & Tri-Coat Copper/Moly™

  • Specifically designed to be used on heavier extrusions
  • Can be supplied with precoat, grease or moly to improve lubricity

Tri-Coat Wax™

  • Industry leading application process is used to create better adhesion to material
  • Applied in conjunction with Tri-Coat for dual coating to improve lubricity
  • Substitute for metallic coatings usually required for light to moderate extrusions

Tri-Coat Soap™

  • Promotes better tool & die life
  • Low moisture pick up for sustainability of coating

Wire Descriptions Standard Tolerances
AFS: Annealed at Final Size .035” – .311”      +/-.002”
312” – .500”      +/-.003”
.501” – 1.00”      +/-.004”
AIP: Annealed in Process .035” – .311”      +/-.001”
  312” – .500”      +/-.0015”
.501” – 1.00”      +/-.002”
HRAP: Rod .218″ – Above      +/-.006″
                                 thru +/-.010
+/-.010″ Out of round
1/2 standard tolerance upon request