Tri Star Metals is a leading mill producer and stockist of stainless steel bars.  We are specialists in strain hardened and aged materials.  We can offer special finishes, custom lengths, and hold strict tolerances to meet almost every customer requirement.  For most alloys, we only require a 500 # minimum production order for non-standard, customized stainless bar products.  We are capable of producing small diameter bar down to .062” and offer the shortest lead times in the industry.


Bar Production Brochure 

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Tri-Cut Swiss™

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Tri Star Metals is your exclusive source for TRI-CUT™ and TRI-CUT SWISS™ stainless bar.   TRI-CUT™ material is manufactured with a controlled chemistry and targeted mechanical properties to optimize machinability.  This material has been designed and developed to support the precision machining community that is seeking improved throughput, faster speeds and feeds, extended tool life, and better yields from their production runs.
We also have offer TRI-CUT SWISS™ which takes things to another level.  This product has the same superior machinability and consistency of standard TRI-CUT™ but adds in strict standards for dimensional conformity.
TRI-CUT SWISS™ is distinguished by:

Standard Packaging

  • ISO diameter tolerance j-9 (typically less than 1/2 of astm-a-484 standard)
  • Ovality (roundness) 1/3 of diameter tolerance
  • 1/2 commercial straightness 1/32″ in every 5′
  • 32 RMS finish
  • Chamfered bar ends
  • DFARS Compliant
  • Standard sizes and grades in stock – short lead time on specials
  • Other alloys can be made to TC SWISS dimensional standards
  • For application engineering questions contact your sales representative to schedule an appointment with a Tri Star metallurgist
303 TC SWISS 3/32″ – 1″
304/304L TC SWISS 3/32″ – 1″
316/316L TC SWISS 3/32″ – 1″
416 TC SWISS 3/32″ – 1″